70 points to Immigrate to UK as per the new immigration plan released

The UK has just released its new immigration plan, following Brexit. People from the EU don’t need a visa to get into the UK and work, the new system is for those outside the EU. Just like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, the UK is moving forward with the points-based immigration system as well. The points are based on the specific skills and qualifications, potential salary and the profession. The new plan comes in as the government tries to reduce the number of unskilled workers in the country.

So, basically, if you want to get awarded with an appropriate visa, you need a total of 70 points. How do you get 70 points? Let’s look at the point system:

Mandatory Points Points
A job, a job offer, or a sponsor 20
Job at an appropriate skill level 20
Speak English 10
Salary Points
Salary range £20,480 to £23,039 0
Salary range £23,040 and £25,599 10
Salary is over £25,600 20
Higher Qualification
PhD in any stream 10
PhD in STEM subjects 20
Job or a job offer listed on the shortage occupation list 10

An example can be: If you are an University researcher

Picture Source: BBC

If you can gather 70 points based on the system above, you will be awarded the visa.

In addition to setting this new plan, the UK has set out some other rules for temporary or general work visa for low skilled migrants as well. The new system doesn’t allow temporary or general work visa to low skilled applicants. The ground for this is basically not to employ cheap foreign labours in the country.

This can be a great opportunity for people who are brilliant in their fields. In 2019, UK was the number one country for education and 5th best country in the world. Immigrants can fully exploit the resources available for them and enjoy the high standard of living in the UK.

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