Australia’s trade industry is one of the fastest growing industries. There is a drastic increase in the demand for the skilled workers in the industry.

The goal of studying trade courses is to prepare students for a prominent and inventive role in society’s economy and domestic and international trade. Benefits of studying trade course:

  • Shorter study period
  • High salary
  • Practical based training
  • Fees are less in comparison to other courses
  • Pathway for graduate visa and post-study work for international students

Popular trade courses for Permanent residency


The building and construction industry is growing massively since the last few decades.

Carpentry is a skilled trade and craft in which the primary activity is cutting, shaping, and installing building materials. There are several commercial and residential building projects.

Material handling, setting out, wall and ceiling framing, measurement and calculation techniques and a variety of building procedures are covered in a carpentry course. These skills are normally used during the construction of structures such as buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork and so on.

Painting and decoration

Painting and decoration are one of the occupations listed on the MLTSSL. Paint application, timber staining, wallpapering and traditional spray painting are some of the work areas in painting and decoration industry. As a painter or decorator, you may work on both residential and commercial buildings, both inside and out.

Commercial Cookery

Chef is one of the high demand occupations not only in Australia but all across the world. Through the course, you will learn about the function of professional cooks, who use a wide range of well-developed cuisine abilities and provide sound information on kitchen operations, such as how to arrange food and menu items.

Automotive Mechanic

The automotive sector is large and diverse, encompassing a wide range of activities and companies. Repair and service of automobiles, vehicle retailing, part and tools, repair maintenance, repair and service of bicycles, outdoor power equipment are some of the activities including in the industry.


Within the building industry, welders or metal fabricators are also in high demand. Technical drawing interpretation, occupational health, and safety, monitoring the quality of production welding/fabrications, and sheet and plate assembly are among the units that will be covered.

Steps to follow to obtain a permanent residency in Australia after studying the trade course:

Select the best course for you

The first step is to select a programme of study that will help you towards your residency. Your selected programme of study must be listed on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Apply for a temporary graduate visa

You may be eligible to apply for an Australian temporary graduate visa (graduate work stream) after the completion of two years of your study with one of the CRICOS registered education provider.

Complete the Job Ready Program (JRP)

For international student graduates with an Australian qualification, the Job Ready Program (JRP) is an employment-based skills testing programme. JRP can be utilised as an opportunity to enhance the abilities to get proper work experience in the Australian work market.

It is required to complete 1725 hours of paid work in your nominated field or closely related field over the duration of 12 months.

Put in your application for General Skilled Migration and Permanent Residency.

 After getting your positive skill assessment, you may be eligible to apply for a longer work permit visa such as the Temporary Skill shortage visa (subclass 482) or regional nominated (subclass 491) work visas. Try to gain more experiences while you are holding one of the visas mentioned above. Afterwards you maybe eligible to apply for Skilled Independent Residence Visa (subclass 189).

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