RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

RTOs use RPL as an assessment process for analysing individual skills, knowledge and experience which has been gained through working and learning by considering all the experience, whether it is related with work or volunteering. With the RPL certificate, the chance of getting the job you want is increased by more than 80% in the market.

The skills and experience that students gain throughout their career or education can fast track them to earning a qualification sooner without having to participate in classes that teach them things they may already know. This reduces how much time they have to spend doing a course in order to make their dream career a reality.

The four steps involved in receiving a recognition learning qualification through RPL are:

  • Eligibility assessment
  • Document submission comprises of Experience Portfolio
  • Our RTO Partner will evaluate your documents
  • A relevant RPL certificate will be awarded by the registered training organisation based on evaluation

Accounting & Finance

Aged Care




Building and Construction


Child Care

Community Service




Graduate Qualification

Hair Dressing

Health & Safety


Information Technology

Law & Conveyancing







Mortgage Broker


Training & Development


Document Checklist for (RPL)

  1. 1. 100 Points id (One photo Id must show the date of birth)
    1. Option 1 – Overseas Passport, Utility Bill, Driving Licence (Australian)/Key Pass, Bank Card
    2. Option 2 – Driving Licence, Medicare, Utility Bill, Bank Card
    3. Option 3 – Australian Passport, Driving Licence, Utility Bill, Bank Card,
  2. 2. Resume – Showing Relevant Experience in the field
  3. 3. First Aid – Certificate
  4. 4. Experience Letter or Reference letter (letterhead)
  5. 5. Documents like Payslips, Attendance Roster, Job Agreement, Offer Letter etc
  6. 6. All previous qualifications – Scan Copy (Australian and Overseas)
  7. 7. USI number
  8. 8. For Trade Courses – 15 to 20 Pictures representing different tasks
  9. 9. For Trade Courses – 6 to 8 Videos of 30 seconds of different tasks
  10. 10. White Card – for Trade courses.

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