If you out of Australia and want to enter to study. Few information to keep in mind.

Everyone needs a valid visa to enter the country. To help you find the right visa you can contact us.

If you are planning to study you can read more here.

To enter into Australia, you need to meet our health and character requirements.

Meet our health requirements

You need to meet our health requirement to get a visa to enter Australia. This applies to both permanent and temporary visa holders. You must be free from a disease or condition that:

  • is a threat to public health or a danger to the community.
  • may result in significant health care and community service costs to the Australian community
  • may require health care and community services that would limit the access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to those services as they are already in short supply

Meet our character requirements

We will not grant you a visa to enter Australia if there is a risk you will:

  • engage in criminal conduct
  • harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person
  • vilify a segment of the Australian community
  • incite discord in the Australian community
  • be a danger to the Australian community

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