How To Get Into A University In Australia

Australia is one of the major destinations popular for international students to pursue their higher education. Australia is not only known for its beautiful outback, beaches, the Aussie accent and cities, but also for being one of the top countries which provide great education opportunities for international students. According to Department of Education, Skills and Employment Australia, around 442,219 international students came to Australia in 2019 for higher education.

The degrees from the universities in Australia are recognised worldwide as being of excellent quality. Australian universities are known to have world class research and development and are always changing as per the change in innovation around the world. In addition to that, Australian universities are also known for giving extensive student support services equally to international and national students. All these rankings give you the reason why you should apply to an Australian University right now.

Once you have decided to study in Australia, you can follow these steps below to get into University and get to Australia.

1. Research the course you want to study

List out your interests and search on the web about what kind of courses are available that will cater to your interests. New courses are developed every year by Universities on various disciplines, so it is worth a research so that you know what courses are available to choose from.

2. Research which institutes, or universities are great for the course you want to study
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Now that you have the course you want to study, compare across the universities that provide this course/courses. The universities set out the details about the course, the requirements for the course, the course structure, career pathways from this course, and the scholarships available. You can compare the course structure, and the course requirements from different universities and choose the one that is the best for you.

3. Look at their eligibility criteria and make sure you meet all of them

There are eligibility criteria for all the courses you apply for. The mandatory for all the courses for international students are English level requirements, and adequate funds for the course. There are other criteria as well for most of the courses like you must have completed a diploma or a undergraduate degree to be able to be considered for the course.

4. Applying to the University

There are many ways you can apply for the university. You can do it yourself online from the Website or you can choose an Education and migration agent, they take in all your information and do all the work on behalf of you, in exchange for a small fee. Since, the education and migration consultants have a good relationship with the University and are in direct contact with the people responsible for taking the applications, they are experts in preparing the paperwork and communicating with the University. They help you in every stage from application to visa approval to going to the University. They make the process very easy for you.

After you decide how you want to apply, you will need to prepare all the documents to submit to the University of Australia. The paperwork usually consists of your Year 12 marksheets, or undergraduate’s marksheets, your IELTS or PTE score, your identification documents (passports).

5. Visa Preparation:
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Once you get the Confirmation of Enrolment from the University (CoE), you are required to pay the tuition fee for one year or one semester, depending on the course and University you are applying. Once that is done, with the evidence of payment to the University, you will be required to apply for the student visa.

Documents for visa are different from the ones applying to the University. Student Visa application to Australia needs detailed financial documents, showing funds to support you until your course time in Australia, relationship certificates, no objection letter, and so on. If you go through an education and migration agent, they will guide you in every single step to prepare the documents. After all the documents are ready, you just need to apply to the Immigration of Australia.

6. Research and be prepared for the journey to Australia:

If you get the visa, you will need to wait for your passport to arrive. The preparation includes buying the tickets to get to Australia and buying the essential clothing and stuff you need in University. There are restrictions on how many things you can take on an airplane, the kilograms differ on different airlines. It is better to check their website or contact them to find out the number of bags that you can carry and the weight of the bags. It is better to know beforehand, rather than having to take out your stuff in the airport on the way out.

In addition to the number of bags and the weight of the bags, be informative on the kind of things that you can take with you. There was this case recently where the Australian immigration had to seize one bag of a student who was travelling to Sydney from Kathmandu. The student had fruits, grains and beans and legumes with him in his big suitcase, which was above the limit of what is allowed.

Also, Australia is a very multicultural country, you get food from all parts of the world here, it is easily accessible.

7. Learn about the city and where you will be studying:
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Do some research about the city you are going to. Get the idea of what kind of people are in the city, how they go about their everyday life, their lifestyle. There are videos on YouTube about almost all the cities of Australia. If you are coming to Melbourne, we have an article that might help you to do things when you are here.

8. Learn about the facilities that your University provides:

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Dig more into your University by learning about their facilities on their website. There are usually links like Campus Life, Student facilities, International student resources on most of the University’s websites. The better way to have a look inside the University is to follow their Instagram and Facebook page. Universities usually share events, and student experiences on their social pages.

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