The Employer Nominated Visa (subclass 186) is a permanent visa which allows an applicant to live, work and study in Australia indefinitely provided that the applicant has been sponsored by a nominated employer. Under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Australian employers are permitted to nominate certain skilled overseas employees to seek employment in Australia based on this visa.

The subclass visa is divided into 3 streams, which are as follows:


The applicant must have the following:

  • Must be aged 45 or under for the Direct Entry Stream
  • Must be aged 45 or under for the Labour Agreement Stream unless specified
  • Must be aged 50 or under for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream
  • Have the relevant occupation nominated from the subclass 186 Visa Occupation List
  • Must be nominated by an Australian Employer
  • Must have at least competent English,
  • Meet the health and character requirements
  • Integrity: A range of amendments have been introduced to enhance the integrity of the ENS and RSMS visas, including through requiring the nominated position to be genuine, and removal of the English language and skills exemption for applicants whose nominated earnings would be over $180,000.

The Graduate Work Stream Visa Criteria

A Graduate Work Stream Visa is valid only for 18 months from the date it is granted. The applicant must:

  • Must be aged 50 or under
  • Have completed 2 years of study from an Australian Institute
  • Nominate an Occupation listed in MLTSSL
  • Have a relevant skill assessment in that occupation
  • Have at least competent English
  • Meet the health and character requirements
  • Have health insurance

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