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Canada is one of the popular choices for education and employment. If you are one, who is trying your luck to get into this beautiful country, then you would need the guidance of one of the experienced Canada student visa agents in Melbourne. The professionals would not only make it easy but also act as time and money saver.

This North American country is proving to be a top choice for young adults seeking a fresh start as a step towards a bright future. The competition in this field is high, and the Canada immigration consultants in Melbourne could be your guide and pathfinder to settle down in one of the best countries in the world. The professionals ensure that you submit an error-free and complete immigration application. It may look simple and straightforward, but it would not be so in the absence of an experienced agent. Further studies prove that it is one of the prime reasons for rejections or asking to resubmit the application again. It would not only consume time but also includes time and effort.

Despite the guidance by some of the best immigrants, a few people make few mistakes. Here is a list of mistakes that top the list.

  • Not exploring various options

Every country, especially countries like Canada, proffers a wide range of immigration and visa programs. A few similar to the graduate work stream visa in Australia are more popular than the others. It further means that you are bound to face tougher competition in this category. It would help if you explored all the available options before making a choice.

Another critical point you should remember is that all immigration programs are not point-based, while a few programs follow a first-come-first-serve basis. In the same manner, a few programs would require the employing company or a relative sponsorship, while in other cases, community endorsements is a must.

  • Hiring an inexperienced firm

People feel that completing the country’s application forms alone seems to be easy, but seeking the guidance of an experienced immigration agency would make the process simpler. The professionals help with particular documents like the student guardian visa checklist, ensuring that you cannot go wrong anywhere.

  • Filling in the wrong information

You could apply for a temporary graduate visa or any other program; you need to enter correct and genuine information. Wrong or inconsistent information is one of the top reasons for the rejection of applications. Since the applications are lengthy and complex, it would not leave any chance for errors. Accurate information with pertinent details and signature at correct places is something that you cannot afford to miss.

  • Failing to support essential work experience reports

Studies reveal that Canada has the highest immigration targets annually. It means that the skilled people would receive payment as per their skills and work experience. Hence, it is essential to show critical documents that include job title, date of employment, salary, average working hours per week, and list of responsibilities.

If your documents are not in English or French, then it is your responsibility to convert them into either of the two languages. You should also check that all your documents are well within the expiry date.

Avoiding these mistakes will boost the chances of visa application acceptance, but also you would be a few steps away from one of the best countries in the world.

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